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So, who are we and why are we doing this?

We are Mik, Jess and Deb of The Business of Making Podcast – three teachers in the handmade education space who embody the ethos of collaboration over competition, and have come together to cut through the woo that we keep seeing in this space.

We believe it’s vital that handmade business owners get real, down-to-earth, no BS advice about how to start and grow a genuinely successful business that works for them.

That’s why we’re conducting this research – to collect data that will help us get clear on the state of the handmade industry and the people that make up this under-researched population.

Our hope is that we can use this information to better help makers like you see where you stand within the industry.

Once the data have been analysed, we’ll send you your free report and you’ll be able to listen to our thoughts on the results via our podcast.

In the meantime, get your weekly dose of handmade business reality via your favourite podcast app!